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If you are interested in any of these Leadership positions, please feel free to contact us, see "Contact Us" information at the bottom of the page.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Small Playgroup Leader (slated in June/July) - reports to Playgroups Chair.  Responsible for coordinating small playgroups throughout the year.  Note: this role is not responsible for hosting every single playgroup, each member of the group is responsible for hosting at least one (1) playgroup.  

Hyer Faster Stronger Committee

All positions report to the Hyer Faster Stronger Board Chairs

  • Sponsor Chair - responsible for identifying and recruiting prospective cash or in-kind sponsors for Hyer Faster Stronger
  • Marketing/Communications Chair - responsible for the oversight of a consistent and active communication strategy to all stakeholders (i.e., members, community, sponsors, etc.) for the purposes of recruitment, program messaging, fundraising, awareness and branding of Hyer Faster Stronger
  • Vendor Chair - responsible for identifying and recruiting prospective vendors for Hyer Faster Stronger
  • Volunteer Chair - responsible for communicating with members shift opportunities and oversight of the shift sign-up process

The Board Chairs (slated in Jan/Feb for next year)

All positions report to the President

  • Event Co-Chairs - responsible for the planning and execution of their respective events.  These roles are co-chaired so feel free to grab a friend and sign-up!  
    • Hyer Faster Stronger Event 
    • Parents Events 
    • Children's Events 
    • Kinder Events 
  • Special Interest Groups Chairs - also responsible for the planning and execution of their respective events. 
    • Book Club 
    • Wine Club (Co-Chaired)
    • Community Engagement
  • Playgroups Chair - responsible for overseeing the Playgroups program
  • Homes and Hostesses Chair - responsible for identifying host homes for meetings and events
  • Sunshine/HPA Cares Chair - responsible for coordinating meals or special needs for member's in need
  • Membership VP Elect - supports Membership VP; responsible for managing all aspects of the HPA's event registrations
  • Treasurer Elect - supports Treasurer

The Board Executive Committee (slated in Jan/Feb for next year)

  • President - responsible for the oversight and program strategy for the HPA
  • President Elect (Vice President & Secretary) - provides support to President;  records HPA member meeting minutes
  • Membership VP - responsible for updating the HPA website.  Manages the membership renewals and new application process, as well as maintains access to the HPA's Google Group, Facebook sites and the DirectorySpot app.
  • Treasurer - oversees all aspects of financial management for the HPA
  • Past President (outgoing President) - provides support to President, as well as historical insight/perspective when making changes to the program strategy
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