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2019-2020 Playgroups Schedule

Small Playgroups are organized by Kinder Year.  Sign-up occurs in August.  If you joined after August and would like to join one of these Playgroups, please click HERE.  The Playgroup Chair will get you in touch with the appropriate Small Playgroup Leader to ensure that you receive each event's Playgroup invite.

Small Playgroups Chair for 2019-2020 is Gina Grove.  You can access her email address in the online directory.

 Kinder Year  Day
Frequency  Small Playgroup Leader  Location
K20203rd Fri of the month3:30 - 5pmMonthlyLauren PayneTBD
K2020/2021  1st Tue of the month 2:30pm Monthly Kimberly BellTBD 
 K2021/K2022 TBD Fri of the month 4:00pm Monthly Mary Katherine Clark TBD
 K2022 1st & 3rd Sat of the month 10:30 - 12pm Bi-monthlyCathy Geiszler  UPUMC Playground
 K2023 TBD Wed of the month 10:30am Monthly Angelique Waddell TBD
 K2023 1st Sat of the month 10:30am Monthly Taylor Crosby Williams Park
 K2024  TBD Wed of the month 11am Monthly Frances Rivera-Myers TBD

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